Your Life. Your Love. Your Story: Maggie and Brady

Maggie and Brady met in April 2008 at a party while they were both students at Northern Illinois University. Brady asked Maggie to dance and she initially said no, and when he prompted her with a “come on!”, she changed her mind and said “okay!”. By 2011, both had graduated from NIU and moved across the country to Las Vegas together. After 6 years of dating, 3 years of living together and becoming the parents to their pups, Sophie & Sam, Brady proposed to Maggie at Disney World in September 2014. Wedding planning for the 135 person event began almost immediately and the couple married October 10, 2015, in Harvard, Illinois.

It was a perfect, sunny Autumn day, which in Illinois, can be hard to come by. The couple exchanged vows they wrote themselves, which referenced things that truly make Maggie & Brady who they are, which elicited laughs from their friends & family. The reception was held at Blackstone Golf Course in Marengo, where the night was filled with touching speeches, great food & drinks, and amazing music from their DJ (including the “Go Cubs Go!” song, as the Chicago Cubs won against the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoffs, which only added to the excitement of the night for the Cubs-fan bride, groom & wedding-goers!)


Now that they’re married, not much has changed! Maggie & Brady still live in Las Vegas and continue to enjoy doing things that they did before they were married, including hiking with their dogs, cooking together, traveling, hosting game nights with their friends, boating in the summertime, trying new beers & wines, and attending country music concerts.

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