Your Life. Your Love. Your Story.- Brittany + Brian

We met Brittany + Brian back in January of 2015, and from the time we sat down with them we couldn’t have been more excited to work with them on their big day. They planned to tie the knot at Danada House in Wheaton, IL in July of 2016 and had the perfect day planned. From that cold January day until now its been nothing short of amazing working with Brittany + Brian.

Getting to know them throughout their engagement session left us all the more excited for their beautiful wedding day. Their wedding day began without a hitch, we captured so much emotion between everyone involved in Brittany + Brian’s big day, hours before everything got started. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than the grounds at Danada house, and the gorgeous July weather was the icing on the cake! Vows were exchanged and sealed with a kiss, we had the pleasure of capturing our newlyweds and their amazing personalities all over their venue before the reception began.

Now that the first dance is done, and the dress has been put away, we hope that these wedding day images will allow you to retell the story of your love for countless years to come! Thank you for allowing us to capture each moment.

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