Wedding Inspiration: Must Have Wedding Photos

You’ve hired the perfect photographer and now it’s time to make the perfect shot list. Now, this is no easy feat. Lucky for you, we are here to help. From getting ready to your getaway, we’ve got you covered!

Getting Ready

The moments you spend getting ready encompass all of the emotions you have beginning your wedding day. You’ll want to see every moment, from hair and makeup to adjusting the boutonnière.

Wedding Day Attire

Granted, you’ll have countless images of you in your dress, but a still life lets you preserve it in your memory just like the first time you saw it — a beautiful piece of wearable art.


Bridal Details

This portrait is a great way to capture small touches, like hair and jewelry.


Groom’s Accessories

This type of image is as important as the details of the wedding dress. The groom’s extras are carefully chosen, so make sure his accessories get a little love.


First Look

The moment you see your significant other before you say “I Do” is one of the most breath-taking moments you’ll ever have. Take the time to do a first look on your big day, we guarantee you won’t regret it!



Whether it’s your car rides to the ceremony or last words of advice from parents, these final moments are emotional, and worth capturing.


 Bridal Party

Capturing your bridal party’s personalities makes for a great gift. These fun, candid moments will celebrate some of your most cherished friendships!


 Family Formals

A super-casual image of you and your family captures how you really are — not perfect, but perfectly happy.



Rings are one of our favorite details to capture as they are so symbolic and unique to each relationship.



This is probably the most overlooked images — it’s not part of the day, like your flowers or cake, and some couples forget to bring it. It’s a great detail to have and include in your wedding album.

Walking down the aisle

Regardless of who accompanies you, this is a dramatic shot you’ll treasure long after the recessional.


Ceremony Traditions

Speak with your photographer about any unique aspects of your ceremony, so they are sure to caption them. This will be one of the most sacred parts of your day so we want to capture it perfectly for you!



The recessional shot is usually one of the happiest in an album. This moment is one of the most cherished amongst brides, grooms and family.



The reception space is the backdrop of one of the greatest celebrations of your life. From centerpieces to flatware, have your photographer capture all the decorative details. Getting a shot of your reception before guests arrive will let you get a feel for “the scene” you’ve set so carefully.


Favors & Custom Signage

The custom signs and favors you worked so hard to create should be captured! Add these details to your list; they will be great finish to your evening (and album).


Food & Drinks

You’ve worked with your caterer to ensure your guests enjoy a  menu that’s not only delicious but, also beautiful — and a good photographer will be sure to snap it. And of course, wedding guests love a signature cocktail that looks as good as it tastes.


An image of you two listening and reacting to your families and friends’ toasts is sometimes even more meaningful than a photo of the speaker.

 Cake & Cake Cutting

Your cake is an iconic part of your wedding — remember it well after it’s eaten by preserving it in your album.

First Dances

Your first dance and the classic mother-son & father-daughter dances are classic, emotional moments that make for touching photographs.


The Goodbye

Whether you have a sparkler send-off or something more low-key, a good-bye shot is yet another way to close your album.

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