Wedding 101: Going Organic

What do you think of when you hear “organic wedding photography”? Maybe it’s awe-inspiring images you’ve seen on Pinterest. Perhaps, it’s your favorite images from the wedding blog you follow on Instagram (@twaphotochicago). Maybe you’re thinking candid, natural, and in the moment style photos. These are the types of images that will tell your wedding story. Regardless of where you’ve seen it, or how you describe it, we love this ‘organic’ style of photography, known as photojournalism.

timothywhaley_1078 timothywhaley_0264

At TWA we have subscribed to this uniquely organic approach to wedding photography for the past 25 years. This all began with our founder Timothy Whaley; a third generation Chicago photojournalist.  Timothy was fortunate enough to have spent his early career capturing  the life and times of foreign heads of state, prominent musicians, celebrated actors, and sports figures. As a result of his training and experience, our style focuses on capturing moments in a way that tells a unique story, captures every emotion and portrays the many subtleties of ones personality.  To accomplish this, we start by getting to know each of our couples, making sure we understand their expectations, goals, style interests and the way they imagine seeing their wedding day images 10+ years from now.

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We live for the moments that just happen, and the images that make you feel. We want to capture the intense emotions that every couple feels on their day.

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