“We have so many fabulous images of us…”

We had a great wedding day experience with TWA! Heidi, our photographer, was super friendly and made us feel incredibly comfortable. She had us laughing throughout the day, and had no problem giving my little brother a hard time, which was awesome! She took so many images, it was insane! She worked really hard to make sure that we took the pictures I had told her ahead of time were important to us. She was wonderful!

We also had a great experience with the office staff. When we first came in, we met with Nick would was also very personable as well as extremely knowledgeable. He did not pressure us at all to sign with them or to increase our package or anything at all. We felt so comfortable working with Nick that when we met with our first suggested photographer, I felt completely comfortable contacting Nick and letting him know we would like to meet with someone else. That is not to say that the original photographer we met with wasn’t nice! He definitely was. We were just looking for someone with a super high energy level to match ours, which Heidi did perfectly.

After the wedding, we worked with Amanda who worked tirelessly to help us get what we wanted for our canvases and photo album. She sent email after email with approvals until we were able to get things just how we wanted them. She was extremely dedicated and super easy to work with.

The only suggestion I would have for people looking to book TWA for their wedding photographers is to have an idea of what kind of prints you want for canvases before the wedding day. We have so many fabulous images of us laughing and joking around, which we had expressed an interest in, but it has made it a little harder to choose our canvases. Let your photographer know what you are looking for and they will definitely step up the the plate.

Thank you Deanna and Juan Antonio, congratulations on your recent wedding. We loved being apart of your special day and creating some of your first family heirlooms! Read this five star review and more on Wedding Wire!


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