Venues We Love: Odyssey Country Club

When you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with you want a venue that is unforgettable; we love weddings at The Odyssey for that reason. Finding the perfect setting for your big day is one of the most intricate details of wedding planning; as this location will be a part of your memories forever.

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The Odyssey Country Club doesn’t disappoint when it comes to your forever moments. We’ve capture some of our most memorable weddings along the grounds at the Odyssey. The seemingly never-ending landscapes have taken each wedding we’ve photographed to the next level, helping us create stunning images from the perfect day.

TimothyWhaley_0420 TimothyWhaley_0539 TimothyWhaley_0447

The experienced wedding specialists at the Odyssey help each couple create a truly memorable day. From the start of your planning all the way through the finishing touches; they decor and catering are exquisite. The Odyssey offers a truly unique setting for every wedding we have been apart of.

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