Venues We Love: City Winery


There are a few reasons why you may have already heard of City Winery in Chicgao’s West Loop. Maybe for being an amazing venue for live music, the delicious food, or their wines. City Winery delivers high-end culinary and cultural experiences to their customers. This unique facility opened in 2012 and was built upon  “bringing the wine country experience to the middle of a large city.” This local gem is growing in popularity as one of our favorite wedding venues! City Winery is perfect for the couple who are passionate in sharing wine, music, and culinary arts.

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City Winery really is the perfect venue for the modern-day couple. Every wedding we’ve been apart of has been truly a unique experience while including all the traditional wedding elements. Cocktail hour is hosted in Chicago’s only fully-functioning winery, surrounded by stainless steel tanks framed by a warm, beautifully exposed wood interior. From there, the celebration transitions to a full dinner reception where guests are treated to the finest food an beverage in the main space. And, once the party starts they have ample space for your favorite band or DJ!

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