Venues We Love: Arrowhead Golf Club

Arrowhead Golf Club is located in Wheaton, IL; just a short drive from our Lombard studio. Not only are they a local business, they are a ‘Venue We Love’. We’ve had the opportunity to work with them on countless occasions, and when we asked if they could share a bit of behind-the-scenes insight for our couples, they graciously obliged. So, sit back and enjoy some of our favorite moments from Arrowhead and more from Brittiny Gibson, Wedding Specialist. 

One of the most frequent questions I get asked on a wedding tour, “Did you have your wedding at Arrowhead?” I wish I could say yes! I got married 2 years ago in Florida (born and raised), but when I pulled into Arrowhead for the first time, my heart sang. I couldn’t help but smile seeing the beauty of the golf course and knowing I would get to plan so many couples’ perfect day here. The grounds are stunning and the club house is picturesque, with all the colors of the golf course and sky as it’s backdrop. 

There is an outdoor ceremony location on the west course with a paved aisle and lush green grass. The natural beauty of the location makes for a perfect place to say, “I do”. The ceremony is set with white folding garden chairs and has a pergola for the couple to stand under as they say their vows.   

The Grand Ballroom is located on the upper level, and can host a reception for up to 275 guests. We only host one wedding a night at Arrowhead so you don’t have to share your special day with anyone except each other. The ballroom’s entire north wall is comprised of windows and 3 private balconies with the view of the golf course. 

Brittiny’s Advice for Couples:

Selecting a wedding venue is the first step in wedding planning (after getting engaged, of course!). You can’t start any of the other details until you know the venue and date of the wedding. This can be stressful for some couples but using these tips will allow for a smooth planning process.

  • Research venues before setting up tours and make sure they match the “look” and budget you are aiming for so you aren’t wasting your time!
  • Only visit a handful of venues, 4 at most! When you give yourself too many options it becomes overwhelming and creates a stressful experience when it is supposed to be a fun one!
  • Try to visit all the venues in the same day or weekend. This will keep all information fresh in mind and allows you to decide on a venue quickly so you can get started on the next step of planning.
  • Pick your venue within a week of your tour. It is fresh in your mind so you are confident about your decision. Another perk is you can get an incentive for booking within a weeks time!

Bonus tip: Ask for the venue’s preferred vendor list. These vendors will have the best knowledge of the property for set up and rules. This puts less stress on you for planning. Especially the photographer since they will know where all the best picture opportunities are!

I still get chills when the couple is introduced through the center ballroom doors onto the wooden dance floor to cut their cake. The memories and experiences that we provide at Arrowhead are truly one of a kind. We believe that your happily ever after begins at Arrowhead.

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