Real Engagements: Chicago Winter Engagement Sessions

This winter has been pretty amazing for Chicago wedding photographers. The temperatures have been mild and we’ve been able to go out just about every weekend to enjoy some time with our newly engaged couples. From Lincoln Park Zoo to the Naperville Riverwalk, we’ve compiled some of our favorite moments from this season. As we countdown to spring, sit back and enjoy a few fun winter engagement images!

Insider Tip: Chicago wedding photographers love overcast days! When shooting portraits on an overcast day, the sky can act like a giant soft box creating soft, even light. You generally don’t have to worry about bright sunshine making your subject squint, dappled light coming through trees, or harsh shadows. So don’t worry if it doesn’t seem like the perfect day, photographers know and love this type of weather.

Timothy Whaley is a 3rd generation photojournalist. His father, along with his grandfather, a Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame inductee, passed down a love for telling stories through pictures.

Mr. Whaley has taken this passion and assembled a group of award-winning photographers who are dedicated to providing couples with excellence and care. Visit us at to learn more.

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