Looking Great in Cold Weather Engagement Sessions

Photographing in Chicago for 25 years we know one thing for sure; the weather can change with a moments notice. We’ve actually grown fond of our cold weather engagement sessions and so have our couples. Some of our favorite sessions have taken place during the winter and these couples have pulled off some great outerwear looks while warming up in front of our cameras. We’ve compiled our top three tips for making the most of a chilly day!

Layer up!

Layers are necessary when the weather is unpredictable. Mixing textures look great, adds depth and makes for a more visually appealing photo. We love the look of quilted vests and chunky sweaters underneath your favorite jacket.

009 012 021 Choose your session time wisely

Mornings can be pretty chilly in the winter months; plan your session closer to sunset if you can to take advantage of the low natural light. This will also allow you to shed a layer or two for a little variety in your photos as the sun will still be out to warm things up a bit.   Embrace the overcast!

Those grey skies are perfect; believe it or not your photos will look stunning with the shades of grey we see in the cooler months. The scenery around you will serve as the backdrop for your unique love story.