How to Avoid Awful Wedding Vendors

Your wedding may only be about two people coming together as one, but it will take a dream team to make it all happen. One thing you want to do when planning for your big day is avoid awful wedding vendors! Yes, we said it awful wedding vendors. For nearly three decades we’ve been apart of the Chicagoland wedding industry; we’ll be the first to tell you we’ve seen the good and the bad. So, before you do anything else take note of how to avoid the bad when booking your wedding vendors.

How to Avoid Awful Wedding Vendors

First Impressions Are Everything

With so many vendors to choose from you’ll want to ween out the bad early on. First impressions start long before your initial meeting, take into account how potential vendors handle your initial inquiry. How do they react? When do they respond? When they do respond, how do they present themselves? Potential vendors should be working to earn your business from the moment you reach out to them. If you don’t feel like a priority, move on.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

There is a reason venues and some wedding vendors have a preferred vendor list. If you are having a hard time finding vendors and have already hired one you trust; build your team based on recommendations! Working with a vendor that has an existing relationship with others in the industry is a huge plus. It shows they can work well with other vendors and do so in a way that facilitates a great experience for the client and other members of your vendor team. Alternatively, if you’re having doubts about your vendor, you can ask the other vendors about their experience with them. Ask questions about how they treat people behind the scenes and if they handle stress well can provide more insight as to how your day will run. 

How to Avoid Awful Wedding Vendors

Choose a Vendor That Specializes in What You’re Looking For

Does the DJ who offers video and photo sound like a great deal? Sure it does! Who doesn’t love a bundle? But, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life; not the time to cut corners. Your photographer is one of the most important choices you will make for your wedding; as your photos will become your memories for the rest of your life. With all your vendors it’s necessary to choose vendors who are experts at what they do! 

How to Avoid Awful Wedding Vendors

Hire People You Genuinely Like

Not only are weddings the biggest celebration you’ll ever coordinate, they are also a huge investment. In meeting vendors, ask yourself how you feel in their presence. Can you see yourself getting a cup of coffee with this vendor? If the answer is no, then don’t book them. Your vendors will not only be with you for many hours on your wedding day, but you’ll also have to work with them in the months leading up to the big day, and sometimes after.

How to Avoid Awful Wedding Vendors

Shop Locally

Consider this, there are countless photographers in each city and online. Options are awesome! However, when you shop locally, you’ll have the opportunity to see and feel the finished product in person. You’ll also be able to make a better and more lasting connection in person. This will allow you to make an informed decision on exactly the vendor that works best for your day.


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