How to Avoid Awful Wedding Photos

You hire a wedding photographer for one simple reason, to capture your day. You want and deserve the very best! While your photographer is the professional, there are some things YOU can do to avoid awful wedding photos. Here are a few tips from our photographer team to you!

Spend time on the details

On your wedding day, spend some time preparing your wedding details. Collect all of your meaningful wedding day items; such as shoes, jewelry, dress, tux and wedding invitations. Having this done prior to your photographer’s arrival will ensure that nothing is left out.

Acknowledge your flaws—and your faves

If you constantly worry about how your arm looks in photos, bring that up to your photographer in your initial meeting.  It’s perfectly normal to mention the things you love about yourself, as well as any areas of concern so the photographer knows what to highlight. We know everyone has a good side.

Ask about retouching

Most photographers are willing to retouch photos, but it’s smart to address that in the initial meeting and understand any fees that may be involved.  You want to make sure you’re on the same page about how much your images will be altered. TWA couples receive complimentary edits that are Masterpiece Enhanced ©.  During this process, images go through the full gamut of artistic care, resulting in gallery-quality imagery. Enhancements include retouching, blemish removal, tonal adjustments, sharpening and more.

Make a list and put a pin in it

Ahead of the big day, you’ll want to send your photographer a list of the various groups and people you want to pose with, along with your “must have” images. Don’t wait until the day of to make this list, you’ll end up feeling stressed out and lose precious time to enjoy the day. 

Chances are you’ve already started putting together one Pinterest board (or more!) of your favorite wedding styles. We suggest making a board solely dedicated to pictures that you’d like to share with your photographer. This will help your photographer get a sense of if your preferences. So, whether it be more romantic or playful and fun, don’t hesitate to share! And should you come across a few poses you’d love to try yourself, pin them as well.  Just try to limit it to three or less—otherwise, you could spend the entire wedding day chasing Pinterest perfection. 

Be a natural 






When it comes to your wedding day, do what you can to relax and have fun. During the day, don’t feel like you need to do the exact same thing in every image. Keep in mind what the day is about and try to savor every moment, laugh a little and enjoy. Your photographer is there to capture you in the very best light. Most likely, your candid moments will become the photos you treasure most!


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Timothy Whaley is a 3rd generation photojournalist. His father, along with his grandfather, a Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame inductee, passed down a love for telling stories through pictures.

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