Engagement 101: Custom Engagement Sessions

Now that you’re engaged, the first item on your to-do list is likely your engagement session! Recently, we’ve photographed a few really amazing custom sessions at places handpicked by our couples because they have special meaning for them. From Union Station to the ice rink, we are happy to share some of our favorite images from these sessions with you!

TimothyWhaley_0012 TimothyWhaley_0011 TimothyWhaley_0006 TimothyWhaley_0004 TimothyWhaley_0002 TimothyWhaley_0036 TimothyWhaley_0033 TimothyWhaley_0032 TimothyWhaley_0030 TimothyWhaley_0029 TimothyWhaley_0013 TimothyWhaley_0014 TimothyWhaley_0018 TimothyWhaley_0017 TimothyWhaley_0016 TimothyWhaley_0015 TimothyWhaley_0023 TimothyWhaley_0027 TimothyWhaley_0026 TimothyWhaley_0025 TimothyWhaley_0024

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