5 Things Chicago Wedding Photographers Want You To Know

As Chicago wedding photographers, we endeavor to do three things with every wedding we photograph; Tell the Story, Portray Personality and Capture the Emotion.  Whether you’ve met with or are planning to meet with your wedding photographer, there are a few key points you should know to make your big day a success!


1. You’ll find that Chicago wedding photographers all have a unique style of work. Choose one that you have seen and loved instead of looking for “the best”. What is perceived as “the best” might not fit you, so it is important to explore all options. Why hire a photographer and ask them to take photos that resemble another photographer? You pick your photo vendor because you love the work they produce!

2. Give your photographer a shot list a few weeks prior to the wedding so they can plan accordingly and make sure you get all the shots you want. They shoot with an intent that you are going to put together an album after the wedding, so you don’t want a picture with a special friend or relative missing from your treasured heirloom album!

3. Make sure you have enough time for photos! If you feel like you have too much time, that’s perfect. You should have at least 2 hours to take photos of you and your husband along with your bridal party and family.

4. Have a point person. Your photographer can’t possibly know who everyone is, so help them out!

5. Clean up the clutter! So not to waste time, make sure the hotel room, bridal suite or the room where you are in is clear of clutter on tables, beds ,floors ,etc. Your photographer will most likely not have the time to clean and then shoot.

Timothy Whaley is a 3rd generation photojournalist. His father, along with his grandfather, a Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame inductee, passed down a love for telling stories through pictures.

Mr. Whaley has taken this passion and assembled a group of award-winning photographers who are dedicated to providing couples with excellence and care. Visit us at twaphoto.com to learn more.

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