$20,000 Dream Wedding Giveaway…We have a winner!

We are super excited to announce the winner of our Ultimate Wedding Giveaway! Congratulations Erin and Joe, who recently won just over $20,000.00 in wedding products!

We recently met with Erin and her Mom amidst their preparation for the big day this December. When asked how they felt about winning the grand prize Erin instantly lit up! Saying, she thought the call from TWA was a joke; “I didn’t believe I actually won, we are still in disbelief.”  Our time together was very real and we cannot wait to be apart of an already amazing celebration.

Erin + Joe’s experience with TWA is pretty unique; in planning for the day we were already a contender for wedding photography, and after meeting with us not too long ago she entered the giveaway on a whim. However, she’d already worked with us in the past; Erin’s older sister, Christine used us for her wedding just a few years ago.  We all joked that working with TWA was simply meant to be. Erin’s Mom chimed in as there is a playful rivalry amongst siblings now that Erin + Joe have been announced winners. “Christine’s wedding is still one of the best we’ve ever been to so, it will be great to see Erin + Joe’s day come together.” 

It has already been such a pleasure to meet with and get to know Erin + Joe’s family, we couldn’t have asked for a more special couple! And, we can’t wait to join the other amazing vendors to create a dream experience!


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Timothy Whaley is a 3rd generation photojournalist. His father, along with his grandfather, a Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame inductee, passed down a love for telling stories through pictures.

Mr. Whaley has taken this passion and assembled a group of award-winning photographers who are dedicated to providing couples with excellence and care. Visit us at twaphoto.com to learn more.